So Whats this minimalism thing about?

So Whats this minimalism thing about?

Minimalism, its true to say that minimalism means different things to different people and no two minimalists are the same. I don’t know about you but always had in my mind the image of people living in rooms all painted in white. Containing very little furniture, except for a very big houseplant.

The people in this image were possibly dressed in robes (as you can see I have a very vivid imagination but I love the idea of a robe). Some people live with less than 100 possessions and are very happy. Some people live in tiny houses and love it.

That life is not for me, minimalism is also not about getting rid of everything in your life.

Minimalism to me is about a simple life, with you deciding whats important in your life, what adds value to your life, what you love and what brings you joy. To put those things at the centre of your life.

In doing this you deliberately remove from your life, the things that you think don’t add value. The things you don’t love and the things that don’t bring you Joy.

The” things” can be material things such as clutter and excess possessions. They can be emotional things, thoughts, feelings and behaviours. It can be time, time wasted on unimportant things. The “things” can also be relationships with people be they family, friends or others in your life.

By removing the non important things, the things that don’t add value to your life, your are more able to see and focus on the valuable important things.

Minimalism is about living with less but this in turn leads to a life with so much more.

So you decide whats important in your life, what adds value to your life and design your own flavour of minimalism.

Let me know how you get on.






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