About A Contented Life

I started this blog to write about my search for a contented life and the things that have worked for me. (something that I never thought I would do as its way out of my comfort zone)

I hope that you will find something useful here. Something to help you focus on the important things in life and let go of the unimportant.

It would be nice if you contribute, as I need your help. I don’t have all the answers but hopefully we can work things out together.

About Me

Hi and welcome to my blog on living a simple contented life. I do hope you find it useful in your search for a more simpler contented life.

I’m Stephen a 55 something year old and I live with my lovely Girlfriend S (can I have a girlfriend at my age)? We live In the beautiful county of North Yorkshire, England at the foot of the Cleveland hills.

I was a psychiatric nurse for 37 years so helping others is in my nature. Hence one of the reasons for starting this blog.

For most of my life I was always looking for something but I wasn’t sure what that thing was. Something to make me a better person, to make me feel happier. Something to give me more purpose but mostly to feel content.

People often scoffed at this idea that I wanted contentment and they felt I was settling for the ordinary, the mundane if you will. They would often say don’t you want promotion, more money bigger house, nicer car, and more shiny things.

Well you guessed it I did all those things but I never found contentment.

Then one day in 2014 I was sat at home alone and searching on Google as you do. I think, I searched for something like, how to be happier or how to be a better person. A whole load of search results came up. Among them where the usual ebooks with some cheesy bloke promising to change my life forever by parting with several dollars for his guaranteed method, (yeh no thanks mate).

But one result caught me eye, something I knew nothing about a site about minimalism (what the hells that I thought) anyway a few clicks and I was at the home of theminimalists.com.

Several hours later and several other minimalist websites later I’d found, what after all these years I was looking for. A simple life of less that leads to a life with so much more.

Discovering minimalism had so many surprising spinoff’s, including mindfulness, being grateful, and leading a slower intentional life.

So my adventure into minimalism and simple living had begun and in 2017 here I am nervously telling you about it through this blog.

I hope you find something useful and would love to hear your thoughts, questions and suggestions.

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